About Us

SECOND/LAYER is a Los Angeles based independent menswear brand exploring the unification of self in the context of style. Like the outside and inside of a human body, they are meant to be together. 'I pull you on like a garment, first my arms and my head to follow, I push myself upwards and breathe you in.' In this context, our proposition is to create clothes that find the balance of a confident silhouette, smart fabrication, and tamed tailoring as an extension of your own skin. Authenticity and the importance of an anywhere/anytime flexibility led us to create what we call 'TAILOR-MADE/DAILY-WEAR.' 


Rooted in a Southern California upbringing, founders Joshua Willis, Jacob Willis, and Ant De Padovane grew up exposed to a wide range of cultural influences that ultimately became the DNA of SECOND/LAYER- namely Mexican American street culture in the '90s, skateboarding, surfing, and the calm cool demeanor of Suavecito 

(suave-smooth.) SECOND/LAYER is more about a vibe, somewhere between Oldies and New Wave Romantic.



SPRING/SUMMER 2021 finds inspiration in the symbolism of a Rose- intimate appreciation with love, and respect. Woven between the tender touch of a rose petal and the smooth edge of a surfboard weaving through a barrel. 'Las Rosas,' the boys pack their boards in the drop-top, painted sunset moving through summer.


Like a needle locked on a groove playing Malo on the old jukebox, our ambition is to create a look that lasts. Nostalgic references and timeless classic pairings. We emphasized creating novelty pieces that we hope tell their own story. Leopard print textiles and typography are hand-drawn, studded embellishments adorned on the garments for added flare, an introduction to accessories, and a wide range of silhouettes to accommodate the building blocks for all our customers.


From the beginning to the end... Las Rosas